Vissia Calderon has worked with individuals and families from all corners of the world in complex immigration cases that can truly affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. A native of the Philippines, Ms. Calderon has worked as an attorney for more than 15 years both within the United States and abroad. Her experience is comprehensive, covering a breadth of issues in family-based immigration as well as immigration needs associated with employment, deportation and removal proceedings, visas, and general citizenship and naturalization.

She works hard to understand the needs of each of her clients, maintaining one-on-one relationships with the people she represents.

To reach our experienced immigration lawyer and have your individual needs addressed, visit our website at http://www.vcalderonlaw.com, or contact us by email at info@vcalderonlaw.com, or by phone at 702-866-9456 (toll free 888-374-5629). We welcome your call.


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